PMU Machine Y18



1. Product Information
Product Name : Permanent Makeup Machine Y18
(Machine, Handpiece, Needles, Power Adaptor and Foot Pedal)

Test Style / Item No. : P1
Date Sample Received : March 15, 2019
Assessment Period : March 15, 2019 to March 26, 2019
Remark : Small equipment (no external dimension more than 50 cm)

2. Result of Reuse/Recycling/Recovery Assessment

Reuse / Recycling / Recovery Target under the 2012/19/EU WEEE Directive
Rate of Reuse/Recycling: 55%
Rate of Recovery: 75%

Result of Assessment
Rate of Reuse/Recycling: 81.30%
Rate of Recovery: 94.67%
Weee Compliance
Rate of Reuse/Recycling:  Pass
Rate of Recovery: Pass



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