PMU Cartridge Needles


Test Name: Skin Sensitization Test
Test Standard: ISO 10993-10:2010
Test Article Name: Permanent Makeup Cartridge Needles

The Permanent Makeup Needle was extracted by sodium chloride injection. The extract was evaluated for cytotoxicity based on the requirement of ISO 10993-5:2009

L929 cells were seeded into 96-well plates and maintained in culture for 24 h to form a semi-confluent monolayer. They were then exposed to the test compound over a range of concentrations. After 24 hours of exposure, the formazan formation was determined for each treatment concentration and compared to that determined in control cultures. For each treatment the percentage inhibition of growth is calculated.

Under the conditions of this study, the test extracts would be considered no cytotoxic potential. The negative controls, blank controls, and the positive controls performed as anticipated.



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